Hi there. Welcome to the KPOP WORLD ! Welcome to my website. I’d like to introduce myself. I’m Gel Marie H. Castillo. I’m a grade eleven student and a certified KPOP-Lover. I made this website to share my world to other people.This world which I’m referring to is obviously KPOP. I’m still a student and KPOP really helped me a lot. It inspired me to dream that’s why I made this website in order for other people to be inspired as well …

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To KPOP Lovers out there …

I’d like to tell you all that I’m a CERTIFIED HARDCORE SONE 🙂 (Sone= Girls’ Generation’s fan) And these girls right here … are the ones who inspired me to pursue my dream.


If you’re not a Kpopper or a SONE yet. Check out the story of these nine gorgeous gals and I’ll assure you that you’ll be motivated as well 🙂