[LATEST NEWS] Tiffany under fire for using the Japanese flag emoticon + rising sun flag on Korea’s Independence Day

Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany is coming under fire for using the Japanese flag emoji on Korea’s Independence Day.

On the 15th, Tiffany posted a photo of herself, Sooyoung, and Yuri in Japan at SM Town‘s Tokyo show. Accompanying the photo was the caption “Babes” along with the Japanese flag emoji and the heart emoji. Although she almost certainly used the Japanese flag emoji to indicate that they were in Japan, the emoticon was just in bad timing as August 15th is Korea’s Independence Day – in other words, the day that celebrates Korea’s independence from Japan.


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While the emoji would have probably not even been an issue on any other day, netizens were furious at Tiffany’s choice of emoji, demanding to know if she knew what day it was. Perhaps in response to all the criticism, Tiffany has now edited the post so there is no caption. Some fans have come to her aid to say she actually posted the photo very late on the 14th, while others claim it was very early on the 15th. Others also contended that she probably hadn’t remembered that it was the 15th.

The situation, however, worsened more because of Tiffany’s Snapchat. The caption ‘Tokyo Japan’ uses the rising sun flag, a flag that is symbolic of the Japanese empire and a painful reminder of the cruelty of the Japanese rule over Korea. The pattern would have been a problem even not on Korea’s Independence Day, but it seems to have been even more offending because she posted on August 15th.

Credits to the original owner of the article:

jennywill.”Tiffany is coming under fire for using the Japanese flag emoji on Korea’s Independence Day”.AllKpop.com. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/08/tiffany-under-fire-for-using-the-japanese-flag-emoticon-rising-sun-flag-on-koreas-independence-day. Last viewed on August 27 2016.


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