[LATEST NEWS] YG Entertainment criticized for inconsiderate business conduct

YG Entertainment is being criticized for inconsiderate business conduct.

Originally, Nine Muses A had their press conference scheduled for 2PM on the 4th. However, YG Entertainment scheduled their press conference for Big Bang‘s 10th anniversary on the same day at the same time, forcing Nine Muses A to move their press conference up to 11AM instead. Similarly, Jun.K had his solo album showcase at 4:30 PM on the 8th, but YG Entertainment scheduled Black Pink‘s press conference at 3PM, which might overlap with Jun.K’s.
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This is very different from usual label behavior. In February, ASTRO‘s debut showcase was scheduled at the same time as Taemin‘s solo album showcase. In response, SM Entertainment pulled Taemin’s showcase up by an hour, and Fantagio Entertainment pushed ASTRO’s showcase back an hour to prevent overlap. Similarly in January, Ryeowook‘s solo showcase and G-Friend‘s showcase overlapped, and both labels adjusted for an hour each. Usually, labels try to avoid overlapping, and even in the cases of overlap, many labels confer with each other and adjust their schedules.

Both Star Empire and JYP Entertainment revealed that YG Entertainment had not contacted them about the overlapping schedules, even though YG Entertainment was the one who scheduled their press conferences after theirs. As such, YG Entertainment’s inconsiderate conduct is being criticized.

What do you think of the situation?


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