A best friend is someone who… (Taeyeon & Tiffany /Girls’ Generation’s TaeNy)

1.asks if you’re coming with her

2. acts like a dork when you’re around

3. comforts/teases you when you make a mistake

4. likes holding your hand 

5. is there for you in times of need

Taeyeon was sick here

6. is always so proud of you

8. is happy when you’re beside her

9. comes up to you when no one else does

10. calls you whenever,wherever

11. has the habit of fixing your hair

13. stares at you with so much love

14. wraps you in a warm hug

15. dedicates things to you

and lastly

16. loves you the way you are

Taeny’s Friendship is probaly one of the most precious things in this world 🙂

Credits to the owner of the article:
TaeyeonTiffanyTaeny “A best friend is someone who…” Tumblr.com. http://taeyeontiffanytaeny.tumblr.com/post/3380993628/a-best-friend-is-someone-who



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